RFID Technology
Remote Monitoring System Based on RFID Technology

The system is mainly composed of supervision monitoring terminal, communication platform and monitoring center. Compared with the use of bar codes to collect monitoring target information, the RFID technology has the advantages of automatic scanning without manual contact, strong anti-pollution ability (anti-dust, anti-smog, moisture resi...

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RFID Technology in the Express Delivery Industry

FedEx has tested several uses of RFID and has been successfully used in FedEx's daily operations. They believe that with the combination of effective monitoring, RFID application in individual areas can make companies and customers achieve more benefits. In the United States, for example, when a FedEx delivery carrier returns to a van, he...

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RFID Smart Packaging for Food Traceability Solution

By using RFID technologies such as NFC and UHF, intelligent packaging products can be easily tracked and traced through the entire supply chain to ensure end-to-end (that is, from core raw materials to The end of the product life and the entire process of recycling) complete transparency. Uniqueness, each RFID tag has a unique global numb...

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RFID Technology in Manufacturing Enterprises

China's RFID industry are just beginning, mainly for product security and identification, such as the second generation of ID cards; Hong Kong International Airport also uses new RFID reader system to carry passengers luggage track. However, this type of application is only limited to a small area and does not affect the entire manufactur...

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RFID Solutions in the Retail Industry

Through RFID unique IC tags, readers and software are provided to help solve the customer's problems in the retail industry. Firstly, confirmation of tracking (tracing) can be achieved by incorporating IC tags in premium brand products and jewelry, which helps to prevent the counterfeit product from being mixed in and circulation manageme...

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Application of RFID in Chocolate Production Line

Winkler und Dünnebier Süwarenmaschinen GmbH (WDS) decided to use RFID as an innovative technology for its confectionery production. For this, all plastic molds (thousands depending on the factory) can be equipped with RFID data carriers. The Ethernet RFID readers are permanently installed in production lines and mobile acquisition systems...

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What Should Pay Attention when Choosing RFID Equipment

At present, although the rapid development of RFID technology, but compared with the bar code, due to cost, use of the environment, technical standards and other restrictions, in a period of time, can not replace the bar code applications, then what should we pay attention when choosing the RFID equipment? Reading accuracy. RFID tags are ...

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RFID in the Retail Application Scenarios and Technologies

With the first application of RFID technology in product manufacturing industry, rising labor costs in retail industry, increasing demand for reducing logistics costs, and the need for retail enterprises to compete and develop themselves, the rise of unattended retail / smart retail stores, will provide objective impetus for the rapid app...

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Research on RFID System Security Problem

Radio Frequency Identification RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a non-contact communication technology that uses radio frequency (RF) communication. By using this technology, it can automatically recognize the target object and read related data. However, with the widespread application of RFID technology, the information security...

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RFID Production Line Management System Solutions

In the traditional manufacturing enterprises' production flow, most of the production modes are dominated by one-piece flow mode. The biggest disadvantage of this production line mode is that backlogging usually takes a large amount of semi-finished products in some bottleneck processes. If the process is complicated more production links...

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