Alcohol Anti-counterfeiting System Based on RFID Technology

The anti-counterfeiting system and method of alcohol based on RFID technology, using large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing, has the characteristics of high processing difficulty, low cost, and can be certified by enterprises for commodity information, which will bring revolutionary breakthrough to alcohol anti-counterfeiting technology.

This solution applies RFID technology to wine and other containers with caps, and anti-counterfeiting of goods through bottle structure design and background certification system. The system consists of specially designed caps and bottles, RFID UHF readers, communication networks and anti-counterfeiting database servers. When the bottle is opened, the sharp face of the cutting device at the mouth of the bottle will cut off the connection between the antenna and the chip, so that the RFID scanner cannot read the code of the chip on the top of the bottle cap, thereby preventing the secondary use of the bottle.

This anti-counterfeiting method uses RFID technology, and hardware uses large-scale production of integrated circuit chips and tag antennas. It is easy for manufacturers to manufacture, and counterfeiters need to spend a lot of money to copy these technologies.

Both the RFID chip and the RFID reader/writer code use unique encoding under the global unified coordination, and will not give the counterfeiters a gap. At the same time, this dual authentication mechanism is also managed and controlled by the manufacturer, which improves the reliability of the system; After opening, the cutting device damages the chip and the antenna path irrespectively for the bottle or the cap, thus eliminating the phenomenon of using the old bottle of new wine.

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