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Analysis of RFID Smart Access Control System

Analysis of RFID Smart Access Control System

  • 2020/11/27

Why was intelligent access control born?

The fierce competition in business has made business information security the focus of attention, The pursuit of security has led to higher and higher requirements for the security system of modern buildings. The intelligent access control system manages important passages in buildings. The access control system can control the entry and exit of personnel, Ensure the free entry and exit of authorized personnel and restrict entry of unauthorized personnel, Intelligent access control management not only facilitates internal management, but also enhances internal security, thereby providing users with a safe working environment.The access control system based on RFID technology, as an advanced management technology, has been widely used in scientific research, industry, museums, hotels, shopping malls, medical surveillance, banks, prisons, etc. in some countries.

Access Control System (ACS) refers to a system that manages and controls entrances and exits. It not only includes narrowly defined doors for people to enter and exit, but also includes vehicle access control, logistics access control, etc.The management technology of the access control system has already surpassed the simple doorway and key management, but has gradually developed into a complete set of access management technology.

Form a complete access control system

The basic components of the access control system are Identity recognition, sensing and alarm, processing and control, electric lock and execution, wiring and communication, management and setting and so on. All parties coordinate and cooperate to realize the access control system's access management restriction, real-time monitoring, abnormal alarm and other functions to ensure safety and reliability.

The entry and exit certificate is the "ID card" for entering and exiting the system. Only when the system recognizes the entry and exit certificate will it be allowed to pass through the door. Depending on the system, cards, passwords, and biological characteristics of the human body may all be used as vouchers for the access control system.

The recognizer is mainly responsible for reading access credentials and passing data information to the controller. The controller is the core of the entire access control system, responsible for the transmission, processing, control and storage of the entire system data information, and is equivalent to the computer's CPU. The recognizer generally uses the RS232 or RS485 interface to communicate with the controller. Locks are the executive parts of the entire system, mainly electronic locks, magnetic locks and electric bolt locks, etc. The background management software is the operating basis for all hardware coordination and is responsible for the background monitoring and management of the access control system. Managers can use the access control system to set and identify the authority of personnel at any time, directly control the illegal entry of personnel, and record the personnel and time of each controlled area in real time. When problems occur, they can consult historical records and analyze personnel entering and exiting.

Classification of RFID Smart Access Control

The main access control systems on the market can be divided into two categories according to the control method, independent access control system and networked access control system.

(1) Independent access control adopts non-networked control mode,no host computer is needed, but offline control is performed directly through the embedded microcontroller, the independent access control system has no statistics, query and other functions. The social demand for independent access control systems is relatively large. Free-standing access control system price

It is cheap, easy to install and maintain, and is suitable for places with a small number of people.

(2)The networked access control system requires an upper computer to interact with the computer in the control center. The management software required by the access control system is installed on the host computer. Through the software to control the access authority of the electronic tag, implement operations such as issuing and canceling the card, and can query the access control records. Due to more functions, the cost of a networked system is higher than that of an independent system. Such an access control system is often used in situations where there are many users and detailed records of personnel entering and exiting, such as the entry and exit management of the community and the company's attendance management.

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