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RFID Farm Animal Husbandry Solutions

In China, RFID technology has also been applied to food safety tracking management, and has received strong support from many local governments. In May 2002, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "Administrative Measures for Animal Immunization Markings," which stipulated that pigs, cattle and sheep must wear ear tags for immunity and es...

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RFID Helps Build Intelligent Library Management System

When we walked into a clean and tidy library, we first retrieved the books we wanted to find through self-service borrowing equipment, and then completed the loan. The whole process was quick and simple. This also results in a significant reduction in the workload of the library management staff. It is no longer because of which book to l...

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RFID Automated Warehouse Management System Solution

The benefits of warehouse automation are obvious: Automation can speed up processing, improve accuracy, reduce labor costs, increase reliability, and achieve more efficient use of warehouse space and space. In general, automatic storage systems (AS/RS) can transport 40 to 50 pallets per lane per hour. The high-speed sorter can pick up 20,...

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RFID Wardrobe - Smart Wardrobe New Application

The startup company ThreadRobe, located in Virginia, plans to automate the way people store and manage their clothes. Its new automated wardrobe - combined with passive ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID technology, and a mobile app. With this RFID wardrobe, users can store clean clothes in a box and then identify each piece of clothing via ...

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Scenic Area Intelligent Management System Solution

For the characteristics of scenic spots and other places, to improve the effective management of the scenic area, to provide an accurate, efficient, real-time management and monitoring methods to enhance the quality of service area. 1. Entrance ticket management E-ticket: RFID electronic double-frequency ticket is used as a ticket for tou...

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RFID Application in Vehicle Management

Smart transportation is the trend of urbanization in the future! Practical applications, such as traffic information acquisition, traffic control, traffic industry management, traffic operation command, traffic information service, etc., will be formed. Urban intelligent transportation system covering major roads, hubs and stations, ports...

Tags : RFID parking system long range RFID reader UHF RFID solution

RFID IoT Technology Moves to a New Height

RIFD application technology is very common in our lives. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, no one retail is taking RFID to a new height. Is gradually improving our life services, RFID is widely used in security, RFID logistics, anti-counterfeiting of goods, RFID asset tracking and other fields. The RFID Internet of Thi...

Tags : RFID asset tracking long range RFID reader RFID parking system

RFID Smart Hotel Solution

The hotel is generally a high service area with work and rest. Provide quality service, leaving a very good feeling, but also is the embodiment of the brand. Therefore, an intelligent hotel is inevitable. RFID smart hotel can reflect the intelligent service higher and realize safer protection. The hotel will conduct VIP customer, hotel ro...

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RFID is Major Contributor to the Construction of Internet of Things

The rapid rise of the Internet of Things has prompted various industries to set off a revolutionary transformation. Make life and technology become a community, life is more intelligent and more convenient. RFID allows each item to truly have its own "identity card." The only identifying information is also the highlight of RFID tags. The...

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Electronic License Plate Based on RFID Technology in Smart Transportation

As the size of the city expands and people's living standards increase, the number of vehicles on the road becomes more and more. This not only increases traffic pressure, but also imposes higher requirements on the management of vehicles. Is there any new technology to solve these problems? Of course, it is the smart electronic license p...

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UHF RFID Airport Baggage Automatic Sorting System

RFID baggage automatic sorting system is to attach RFID tags to the baggage that are randomly checked in to each passenger. The electronic tag records passengers' personal information, departure port, arrival port, flight number, parking position, departure time and other information; baggage flow. The various control nodes, such as branc...

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Apparel Industry RFID Data Collector Applications

Clothing products are a fashion product. Many factors such as the season of sales, the location of sales, the taste level of consumers, fashion trends, and the price of the product will affect the sales of products. Therefore, real-time tracking of sales status is a very important management content for apparel industry companies. Hopelan...

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