Application Analysis of RFID Technology in Warehouse Management

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency IdentjficaTIon. It is a non-contact identification technology and is a more specific technical name for radio technology in the field of automatic identification. Electronic tags are the popular name for radio frequency identification (RFlD). In recent years, RFID technology has been widely used in warehouse management. The main application mode is warehousing management and logistics tracking management.

The RFID system is composed of two parts, namely, electronic tags (transponders, Tags) and RFID readers. Electronic tags usually contain electronic data information in a convention format. In practical applications, electronic tags are attached. Store on the object to be identified (surface or interior).

When the object to be identified with the electronic tag passes through its readable range, the long distance RFID reader automatically reads the appointment identification information in the electronic tag in a contactless manner, thereby realizing automatic identification of the item or automatically collecting the item identification information. The function and further management functions such as collection, processing and remote transmission of object identification information can be realized by computer, PLC and its network.

Nowadays, barcode printing cannot be changed after it is printed. RFID tags can repeatedly add, modify, and delete data stored in RFID tags to facilitate information update. The carrier of the traditional bar code is paper, which is easily contaminated, but RFID is highly resistant to substances such as water, oil and chemicals.

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