Application of RFID in Agricultural Product Management

The agricultural product supply chain includes many links such as production, packaging, processing, distribution, and sales. It is a long and complex supply chain. The use of RFID technology in conjunction with networks and information systems for data collection and communication aims at improving the efficiency of information collection and transmission, effectively marking agricultural products, and integrating disparate information to achieve traceability.

In the production phase, the manufacturer stores the name, variety, origin, batch, pesticide application, producer information, and other necessary contents of the product in an RFID tag, and uses RFID tags to record the initial product information and production process. In the processing stage, the products are sorted using the information in the RFID tags. Products that meet the processing conditions can be allowed to enter the next processing stage.

In the transportation and warehousing phase, the route and time of the transport vehicles are tracked using RFID tags and fixed RFID readers installed along the way. Fixed readers are installed at the entrances and exits of warehouses to automatically record incoming and outgoing products.

In the sales stage, merchants use RFID tags to understand the status of purchased products and help merchants to implement product access management. At the time of collection, the use of an RFID handheld reader can confirm the price of a customer's purchase of a product more quickly than the use of a bar code, and reduce the waiting time of the customer.

When a problem occurs in a product, information such as the production, processing, transportation, storage, and sales of the product is stored in an RFID tag, and the content of the RFID tag can be traced back to the whole process, helping determine the problematic link and problem product range. . Using RFID readers to quickly find unsold products in the warehouse, consumers can also use RFID technology to confirm whether the purchased product is a problem product and whether it is in the scope of the recall.

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