Application of RFID in Logistics Control System

The RFID logistics management information system can help the manufacturing industry to realize real-time tracking of various resources, and timely complete the replenishment of production materials and the adjustment of production tact. Thereby improving the level of resource tracking, positioning and management, and improving the automation level and overall efficiency of the manufacturing industry. Its hardware consists of electronic tags, RFlD readers, RFID middleware, management system servers, and management system workstations.

The advantages of RFID in the manufacturing logistics information system are mainly reflected in two aspects. First, RFID can play a huge role in manufacturing logistics, which can automatically identify the location and status of materials, semi-finished products and finished products in all aspects of production logistics. And transfer this information to the MES quickly and accurately. Secondly, improve the accuracy of the information collected by the manufacturing logistics information system. Simplify the process of entering and leaving the warehouse. Keep abreast of the status of the inventory goods and ensure that the inventory of the goods is more accurate and rapid.

The RFID access control system is used for the confirmation of the inbound and outbound information. The fixed reader and the handheld reader are used in combination. The handheld reader is used to read the information of the cargo space and the pallet. Using a handheld RFID reader to read the labels on standardized, unitized packaging to complete the daily inventory, not only can save labor costs, but also improve accuracy and inventory efficiency.

Combining RFID and manufacturing logistics management information system, improving the material replenishment and warehouse management process of traditional manufacturing, real-time monitoring and tracking of all aspects of logistics, thus reducing the cost and improving production efficiency. Bringing significant benefits to the manufacturing industry.

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