Application of RFID Systems and Tags on Production Lines

Many vendors label their labels before shipping in order to comply with the new RFID regulations, but Wells' approach is different. It used RFID systems early in the manufacturing process, saving costs and achieving other advantages. Bras Galles, Wells’ process control manager, began a pilot project with dairy company automation supplier Rockwell AutomaTIon in mid-2004.

The RFID antenna reader is written on the RFID tag, which is attached to the outer package of the two-barrel product and can be attached to 30 outer boxes per minute. When the quick freezing is performed, the label on the outer box is read again, and the speed is up to four times that of the previous one, and finally the product is shipped. The RFID system passes the information back to the Wells' control system to enable information sharing in the company's corporate network. Galles explained that if the system is shipped with the usual label and then shipped, Wells’ must introduce manual repackaging, which increases labor costs.

The dairy company and Rockwell achieved efficiency gains through RFID systems, leveraging the data processing capabilities of the tags. For example, each RFID product of a dairy company is connected to a database with production parameters for the ice cream in the package, including production time, batch identification information, and product lines. This allows the Wells’ operator to accurately understand when each label is pasted and which batch of shipments belong to the batch.

In summary, the advanced features of RFID tag identification data help to strengthen the physical state and environmental data of the user database, ensure process changes or test validation, and support related decisions and implementations to further improve product quality.

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