Application of RFID Technology in Automobile Assembly Line

The diversification and individuation of modern automobiles requires that a car assembly line can be equipped with different types of automobiles. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the assembly data collection of automobile assembly lines, and the traditional data collection work mainly relies on manual collection modes or bar codes. Acquisition mode, this method has the disadvantages of unacceptable assembly data acquisition, low acquisition efficiency, and large errors in data collection.

The RFID technology is applied to the automobile assembly line to realize the timely and accurate collection of assembly information during the automobile assembly process, and the automotive assembly process is informatized.

First, on an automotive assembly line using RFID technology, RFID tags are placed on pallets that carry bodywork and can move with the pallets. Secondly, in order for RFID readers to be able to quickly and efficiently read the information in the tags, the tags should be as standard, reasonable, applicable, and unique as possible.

Finally, because the development trend of the vehicle in a certain time in the future is more individualized and the quality requirements are higher, the assembly line must avoid various forms of erroneous assembly. Therefore, in order to verify the accuracy of the assembly, in addition to installing the reading at the key stations. In addition to main long range RFID reader, auxiliary readers should also be set up to help assembly workers identify critical components.

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