Application of RFID Technology in Automotive Related Fields

Automotive parts manufacturing technology is complex, involves a wide range of manufacturing processes, covers a variety of processes, the number of parts up to 8000 ~ 15000; only the large number of manual management of the zero, parts and complex, numerous manufacturing processes, often error-prone and It is impossible to quickly improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of each process from the source.

Apply RFID technology to tire production and produce smart tires based on RFID technology. The worker embeds the RFID tag in the tire molding process. The embedded position is between the carcass ply and the sidewall rubber. Using passive RFID readers to read the tag information, the staff can quickly count the number of tires to ensure the correctness of the input data. Because each tire has a unique identification code, when the tire fails early, it can confirm whether the tire is a factory product by reading the label, and then can be traced from the top down to molding, vulcanization, quality inspection, packaging, storage , shipping and other links.

After adopting the RFID system, the electronic tag is generally placed on a skid carrying a car body, and runs along with the workplace from beginning to end, forming a data that moves with the car body, and becomes a “smart car body” that carries the database with the entire production process. . According to the process and production management requirements, RFID reader writers can be installed at the entrance and exit of the painting shop, at the branch of the workplace logistics, and at the entrance of important processes (such as spray booths, drying rooms, storage areas, etc.).

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