Application of RFID Technology in Equipment Inspection

The inspection work of the equipment is an important measure to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. The inspection is a time-sensitive work, requiring the duty officer to periodically inspect every inspection point. The use of RFID technology and wireless LAN for equipment and pipeline inspection, usually used in power, manufacturing equipment inspection, petrochemical pipeline inspection.

The patrol staff first reads the contents of the tag with the handheld RFID reader after each inspection point, checks the equipment and pipes, and transmits the inspection information to the management office through the wireless network. A patrol management system is set up in the background to realize the inspection of the patrol personnel's work quality through the system, improve the management level of the patrol equipment, increase the patrol efficiency, and provide insight into the patrol inspection work.

The equipment inspection system based on RFID technology mainly includes inspection dispatch management, inspection line management, inspection information download management, inspection information upload management, inspection information query management, and inspection information report management. The hardware equipment is mainly composed of RFID handheld terminals, RFID electronic tags, and wireless access points.

The inspection equipment system fully utilizes the physical advantages of RFID technology. It mainly utilizes the characteristics of UHF RFID reader that does not require contact and reading distance, and does not require manual intervention. This improves the inspection convenience of inspection personnel and greatly reduces inspections. The workload of the inspectors. Reading distance can achieve long-distance data acquisition, and better remote inspection; RFID identification speed, reduce a lot of inspection time, improve efficiency, improve the equipment inspection management level.

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