Application of RFID Technology in Library

The library's RFID system is based on RFID technology, and combines computer technology, programmable controller technology and network communication technologies to achieve library front desk and back office management. The system basically includes: librarian workstation system, electronic label conversion system, self-service permit system, self-help loan recovery system, self-service return book sorting system, RFID inventory system, security access control system, intelligent navigation retrieval system and self-service library and other functions Subsystem.

The Singapore government invested 1 billion Singapore dollars in 1998 to build the National Library of Singapore and began construction of the RFID system. In 2002, the entire system was completed and put into use. It was the only large public library in the world that was completely managed by RFID. According to the relevant person in charge, the effectiveness of the application of the RFID system is very obvious, annual savings of tens of millions of dollars, reduce the cost of human resources of about 2,000 people, while the number of borrowing has increased by nearly 2.1 times.

With the popularization of RFID technology, it has become an inevitable trend for libraries to replace the traditional bar code-based management and anti-theft systems with RFID systems and build a new type of automated and intelligent management model. At present, there are more than 5,000 libraries in the world that use RFID systems, and the number of libraries that newly introduce RFID systems every year is still growing at a rate of 30%. RFID technology will also inevitably lead to great changes in the library's prior management and service model, and will inevitably inject new vitality into the library's future development.

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