Application of RFID Technology in Logistics Warehousing Management

Based on a simple RFID system, combined with existing network technology, database technology, middleware technology, etc., build a "Internet of Things" consisting of a large number of networked readers and numerous mobile tags, which are larger than Internet. ) has become a trend in the development of RFID technology.

The logistics warehousing management system uses RFID technology to capture information, connects it to an open network system through wireless data communication and other technologies, and automatically identifies and tracks the information in each link of the supply chain, thereby building a huge logistics system. A highly intelligent, physical Internet that covers everything between the items on the warehouse and even between objects and people.

The RFID-based Internet of Things will fundamentally change the management level of flow monitoring for all aspects of production, transportation, and warehousing within the scope of global logistics and warehousing. A product with an electronic tag. The electronic tag has a unique code for the product. When the tagged product passes through a passive RFID reader, the information of the product is transmitted to the designated computer via the Internet. This is a Fully automated product flow monitoring network.

Nowadays, the “Internet of Things” is seen as an important driving force for the recovery of the world economy, and its core technology, RFID, has also received much attention. RFID technology has the advantages of non-contact and automatic identification, and has a wide range of applications in logistics management. However, the development of RFID still faces many problems, and technical standards, implementation costs, and information security all constitute major obstacles to the full application of RFID.

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