Application Scheme of WLAN+RFID Combination System

This paper studies a combination system called WLAN+RFID (hereinafter referred to as a combined system) consisting of WLAN and RFID. It is based on wireless local area network and radio frequency identification technology. It utilizes the wireless transmission of WLAN and the non-contact automatic identification of RFID to provide users with faster and more flexible identification services.

In the outdoor open-air large cargo yards at port terminals, stations or logistics centers, due to the large number of sites and the variety of materials, traditional manual operations consume a lot of manpower and time, and are prone to errors. When the staff inspect, store, register, select, locate and transport the goods, they and the position of the forklift need to be moved. Install multiple APs on the roof of the yard building or at the relevant location so that the WLAN's wireless signal covers the entire yard. The Android RFID handheld reader can be roamed within the coverage area and connected to the inventory system of the yard via WLAN, thereby solving the operator's mobility problems.

At the time of receipt, the staff carried the handheld terminal close to the cargo. Within the reading range, the tag data can be displayed on the LCD screen of the handset and entered the central database via WLAN. Staff can also enter other relevant data on the handheld's small keyboard, which also enters the central database via WLAN. Next, the system feeds back the location and related data of the goods back to the handset and displays them on the screen.

As long as the label of the goods enters the reading range of the handset, the handset will identify the goods to be sought from the pile of goods and display the data of the goods on the display. Counting goods is the same as receiving and shipping. The inventory management system keeps track of the entire process of receiving, shipping and inventory, so that accurate inventory reports can be generated in real time and conveniently.

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