Asset management RFID solution

The data center's basic environment is very conducive to the application of RFID technology, because the usual data centers are concentrated in a limited area of high-density equipment, and the basic environment such as temperature and humidity are very good, this environment can be reduced deploy the cost of RFID and increase its efficiency.

Using principles and features of RFID, RFID electronic tags are added to fixed assets such as cabinets and internal equipment, UHF RFID reader is installed in the entrances and exits of computer rooms, and the interior of the cabinets is combined with an asset management monitoring platform to achieve comprehensive visibility of assets and real-time updates of information. The real-time monitoring of the use and flow of assets can be reflected in the real-time query of equipment locations, equipment movement tracking records, and alarms; equipment management statistics and other management goals, and the establishment of a set of advanced, standardized and optimized management mechanisms.

System composition and architecture: Each device in the cabinet is equipped with RFID tags; each cabinet is equipped with RFID reader system; entrance equipped with RFID reading system; staff use handheld RFID reader.

The main function

Equipment monitoring inside the cabinet: The RFID reader system installed inside the cabinet covers the RFID tags of the equipment inside the cabinet. The system can read the RFID tags on the equipment in real time. When the equipment is operated and moved, a working record is automatically formed. The system can be preset according to the alarm value, realize asset monitoring alarm. Room entrance and exit monitoring: The RFID reading and writing system installed at the entrance and exit of the computer room covers the channel area. Any device equipped with an RFID tag will be recognized by the system when it passes through the area. The data is uploaded to the monitoring platform in real time and the corresponding data is recorded and processed.

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