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Implementation of 4-channel UHF RFID Reader Based on Impinj R2000

It is well known that UHF RFID, one of the key technologies of Internet of Things, is becoming the mainstream research of RFID applications. In a RFID system, reader plays an important role, however, RFID reader with only one channel often cannot satisfy the application requirements due to the complicated working environment. Since the wo...

Tags : single-channel RFID readers multi-channel RFID reader UHF RFID reader

Could RFID Technology Save the Lost of Retail

According to professional report by China General Chamber of Commerce, there was 181 billion RMB lost of retail industry in 2016, from stolen. And the loss rate increased year by year on these 5 years. The traditional way to prevent damage has been unable to save the problem of retail damage, technical upgrading is emergent without delay....

Tags : Access Control RFID Tracking Gate Reader Long Range Android RFID Handheld Reader Terminal Waterproof UHF RFID Tags

Real Time Location System using Passive UHF RFID

RFID technology is becoming more and more popular these days and on its top stands passive UHF RFID technology for it's economical as well as practical benefits. Even though this technology is intended for inventory, several attempts have been made by several vendors in creating a real-time location tracking system using passive RFID solu...

Tags : passive UHF tags tracking system UHF RFID tags

Automatic Parking Using UHF RFID Technology

UHF RFID is a technology for wireless data transmission which operates on frequencies in the UHF domain (ranging from 400MHz to 950MHz). By introducing UHF RFID technology, vehicle identification can be performed at distances of more than 10m. The line of sight between identifier and reader is not required. Large number of RF identifiers ...

Tags : UHF RFID reader integrated UHF RFID reader UHF RFID technology

Compact Circularly Polarized Antenna for UHF RFID Handheld Reader

RFID is to paste tags on goods, animals, or people for the purpose of identification and tracking by electromagnetic waves. In recent years, RFID technology has developed rapidly and appeared in many applications, such as logistics transportation, traffic toll collection, asset tracking, employee attendance record, and so on. With the adv...

Tags : RFID handheld readers universal UHF RFID antenna UHF RFID reader antenna

IOT Core Technology RFID Used for More Vertical Areas

At the end of March 2017, RFID World Congress is held in China, RFID technology in the past decade has become one of the mature core technology, the cost of more Is a direct number of companies willing to import RFID technology, to carry out asset identification, data collection, which business model diversity and business opportunities, ...

Tags : Waterproof UHF RFID Tags Metal Equipment Tags Passive RFID Tags

RFID Middleware Design for Traceability of Supply Chain Management

RFID technology has been widely adopted for supply chain management purposes. Its inherent identification capabilities provide the opportunity to trace products from the producer to the retailer, offering insight to the various levels of the supply chain. As a result the supply chain has become more responsive to continuously changing con...

Tags : Long Distance RFID Reader Waterproof UHF RFID Tags portable integrated RFID reader

New Generation of Intelligent UHF RFID Reader

RFID has already become a part of our everyday life in the form of tickets, labels, access control and payments. A typical big store may require a lot of readers to cover point of sale, front/back room item movement, receiving dock doors, shelf replenishment management, and theft deterrence at entries, exits, and fitting rooms. Now, there...

Tags : Intelligent UHF RFID Reader UHF RFID reader fixed RFID reader

Cash Register Lines System Using UHF RFID

More and more retail chains today have the need for automated monitoring of the number of customers in cash register lines in real time. Previously developed systems have proved to be insufficiently effective because they involved additional and unpleasant interaction between customers and employees or monitoring in the way that threatens...

Tags : Passive RFID Tags RFID antennas and tags RFID Reader

UHF RFID Antenna Systems Customized for Robotic Applications

RFID technology is becoming popular also in robotics. Indeed, if passive tags are used as landmarks and the robot is equipped with a reader, RFID does naturally become a considerable and cost-effective support for mobile robot navigation and localization. At the state of the art, RFID-assisted navigation tests are performed by using comme...

Tags : Long Distance RFID Reader UHF RFID Antenna Long Range RFID Antenna

RFID-based System in Inventory Management

RFID has been used in automotive vehicle identification for more than 15 years, but the focus of much effort now is on using it to track products for supply-chain management. Several challenges to full-scale, widespread deployment of RFID in thesupply chain remain. The main challenge is privacy and security. Consumer protection organizati...

Tags : Waterproof UHF RFID Tags Metal Equipment Tags Passive RFID Tags

Hopeland New Retail Self-Service Store in Xiamen

At the beginning of last month, the first 24hrs Self-Service Store was set up in Xiamen. Similar with Bingo, Well go, E+Store use the most popular technology of UHF RFID for items identifications. Every commodity tags with an unique UHF RFID label, when clients walk through the accounting area, the RFID reader could read the price informa...

Tags : UHF RFID label RFID reader UHF RFID system

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