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How to choose a UHF reader

1, Business needs and application scenarios The choice of UHF readers must first meet the business needs and suit the application scenario. This depends on the read range, read and write speed of the reader, and the suitability of the application environment. 2, CPU, memory capacity The memory capacity of the portable UHF RFID reader dete...

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What applications of Internet of Things technology such as RFID are in intelligent transportation?

Intelligent transportation is the development direction of the future transportation system. It is an effective integration of advanced information technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, control technology and computer technology. It is applied to the entire ground traffic management system....

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Intelligent RFID Technology Warehousing Logistics Pallet Management

With the diversification of production products, the types of materials in warehouse management are also diversified, the workload of warehouse management becomes larger, and warehouse management is very complicated and diverse. The traditional manual warehouse management mode has been difficult to meet the requirements of fast and accura...

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RFID Technology Solves the Problem of Fixed Asset Inventory

The three major problems facing fixed asset management, long inventory cycle, scattered assets, inconsistent accounts and asset numbers, etc. An UHF RFID system consists of three main parts, the control system, responsible for the issuance of all control commands, the operation of the business and the final data acquisition, analysis and ...

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RFID System School Bus Safety Management Technology—Part 1

In China, the school bus mainly refers to the transportation of the underage students in kindergarten, elementary school and middle school. Overloading, overspeed, driver driving illegally, fatigue driving, and other vehicles driving on the road may cause potential traffic safety hazards to the school bus. Secondly, the school bus safety ...

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RFID System School Bus Safety Management Technology—Part 2

RFID equipment: The vehicle remote rfid reader the information of the electronic wristband worn by the student and can automatically obtain the accurate number of people getting on and off. When Parents accopany their children to go to and from school, the reader reads the remote identification RFID card held by the parent.  Through ...

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