Common RFID Applications in Life

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, new retail, and smart industries, RFID has emerged from the perspective of people. RFID has been applied to many fields, such as production line management, vehicle management, warehouse management, personnel management, RFID asset management, cash box management, and intelligence. Bookcases, weighing management, etc. are all based on RFID technology.

The RFID system is composed of two major application systems: data acquisition and background data network library. Among them, the air interface between the electronic tag and the reader, the data exchange protocol between the reader and the computer, the performance of the RFID tag and RFID reader, and the data content coding standard of the RFID tag, etc.

The core of RFID standard competition is still in the field of electronic content labeling data content standards. At present, the UHF RFID technology is mainly used in the 860MHZ-960MHZ band. The RFID tag can hold any format of data. The GEN1 has a maximum of 128 bits and the GEN2 has a 256 bit, so you can save the EPC-formatted code on the RFID tag and save your own data.

RFID readers are judged based on the site environment and the surrounding signal interference. Accurate data collection, automate data visibility and process, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. RFID middleware (RFID Edge Server) is a very important part of EPCglobal's recommended RFID application framework. It is responsible for implementing information interaction and management with RFID hardware and ancillary equipment, and at the same time acting as a bridge between software and hardware integration. Information exchange for complex applications at the top.

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