Container Management System Based on RFID Technology

In the current management of container shipping, there are still many problems. This is mainly due to the fact that the traditional management model is still used. The staff manually records the location of each container, and then manually enters the data into the container management system. In the database, the binding between the container data and the actual storage data is completed.

Applying RFID technology to container management and utilizing the advantages of RFID technology in the field of automatic identification, the development of a containerized information management platform will greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of container transportation management.

Through the installation of RFID electronic tags in containers, UHF RFID readers are installed on business process equipment. During business operations, RFID readers read electronic tag data, obtain container information, and then transmit it to the back office for centralized processing. The tracking management of the entire container is implemented by the system, and the real-time scientific dispatching and capacity distribution of the container transportation equipment are realized.

In the system, the core RFID data acquisition equipment will be installed in mechanical equipment such as gantry cranes, front cranes, and stacker trucks. In addition to the application of such equipment, the industrial RFID readers should have basic data acquisition functions. The use of vehicle equipment standards, high and low temperature, electromagnetic compatibility, low-frequency vibration, impact and other requirements are high, and the working environment is more outdoors, the environment conditions are also relatively poor, which put forward a higher selection of the entire RFID reader The challenge.

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