Development and Application of RFID Technology in Security Identity

UHF RFID can simultaneously read both near-field and far-field RFID labels. Due to the diversity applications, an UHF RFID reader can more efficiently satisfy read requirements in many operating environments. For example, in large parking lots, such as small and medium-sized trucks, trucks, staff and visitor vehicles, etc., their security access control systems must consider the requirements and restrictions of all vehicles. UHF RFID has the advantages of far-field reading, to meet the needs of different high and low reading position, for example, patrol large range applications (such as university campuses or large hospitals), the long range UHF RFID reader mounted on the patrol car, patrol officers sitting in the car and directly read and verify the electronic tag data.

UHF technology to achieve personnel and vehicles access control. Personnel vehicles entering and leaving the control zone, only need to bring a proximity card, indoor and outdoor access card. Not only can we avoid the extra vehicle-specific card production costs, but also integrate vehicle and personnel access control card management at the same time. UHF RFID technology is ideal for access control systems in communities, office buildings, industrial parks, hospitals or campuses.

In addition to vehicle RFID reader, UHF RFID security access systems are often equipped with handheld RFID readers for property management applications such as campus or factory patrols. The near-field and far-field advantages of UHF RFID technology allow the patrol crew not to be close to the vehicle glass and to hold the RFID hand scanner in the front of the vehicle for direct reading and verification of the electronic tag data.

UHF RFID technology has great potential in security access control applications. In addition to supply chain and logistics management applications, UHF RFID readers are in parking lot management to provide advantages over existing low-frequency and high-frequency RFID security access products.

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