Elderly Apartment RFID Location Recognition System

With the increasing aging of the population, there are more and more elderly people, and there are many issues concerning the safety management of the elderly. The nursing home is a very important venue for the activities and life of the elderly. Therefore, the issue of the safety management of the elderly in the nursing home has become an issue of increasing concern to the society.

A fixed RFID reader is placed at the entrance of each room and the exit of each floor, the door of each building, and the entrance of the apartment to identify the wristband label worn by each floor worn by each old person, so that the monitoring computer passing through the floor The monitoring room) or the administrator's portable RFID reader can grasp the physical location and other information of the elderly. This enables 24-hour real-time monitoring of the elderly and administrators to ensure the safety of the elderly. Our aim is to improve the management level of apartments by improving the care of the elderly to reduce the frequency of accidents.

At the same time, each elderly person is wearing a wristband label (electronic label), and each old man's wristband label is matched with the card reader in his room. When the old man wearing the electronic wristband enters the building, as long as the RFID card reader is placed or approached by any card reader placed in the hospital, the card reader will immediately sense the signal and immediately upload it to the computer of the corresponding intensive care unit. The computer can immediately judge specific information.

The system can also realize intelligent monitoring and management, personnel information management, cross-border alarm, button help alarm, historical walking track tracking and other functions. The safety management level for the elderly has been greatly improved, and the intelligent management of the elderly apartments has been realized.

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