Electronic License Plate Based on RFID Technology in Smart Transportation

As the size of the city expands and people's living standards increase, the number of vehicles on the road becomes more and more. This not only increases traffic pressure, but also imposes higher requirements on the management of vehicles. Is there any new technology to solve these problems? Of course, it is the smart electronic license plate.

The smart electronic license plate is based on RFID solution, and RFID technology is a new non-contact automatic identification technology. RFID-based vehicle identification has high accuracy and is not susceptible to environmental Impact, no blind area, accurate and comprehensive access to vehicle status information and road network traffic conditions.

Taking into account the service life and usage scenarios of electronic license plates, passive electronic tags have the characteristics of long life, small size and easy installation, and low cost, and are more suitable for vehicle installation and use. In the choice of communication distance, UHF 860MHz ~ 960MHz passive RFID electronic tag has the advantages of long communication distance, fast transmission speed, and its use as an electronic license plate recognition is a very good choice.

In recent years, the government has clearly put forward the application of high technology such as the RFID parking system and the automatic recognition of license plates. In simple terms, the "wisdom" of smart parking is reflected in: intelligent space search + automatic parking fees. And RFID technology can be used as an effective means of information collection in traffic dispatching systems and can be applied in traffic dispatch management systems. For example, applying RFID to a bus yard management system can realize automatic, accurate, long-distance, and no-stop collection of information when buses with electronic license plates are in and out of a station, enabling the bus dispatching system to accurately grasp the real-time dynamics of bus access to public parking lots.

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