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Intelligent RFID Technology Warehousing Logistics Pallet Management

With the diversification of production products, the types of materials in warehouse management are also diversified, the workload of warehouse management becomes larger, and warehouse management is very complicated and diverse. The traditional manual warehouse management mode has been difficult to meet the requirements of fast and accura...

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Common Problems and Solutions for RFID Readers

According to our customers' feedback from years, the first time using RFID reader device, they often encounter some common problems. In fact, the solution is very simple, but many people have not used the device, do not know how to rule out the reason. Today let’s carefully finishing a few of the most common problems and the corresponding...

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How to Choose an Ideal RFID Reader

Not all of the RFID reader devices with same specification, because different environmental conditions. So how to choose an ideal RFID reader products for your projects? First of all to understand the four parts of RFID system: tags, RFID readers, antennas, management software. 1. Distinguish what RFID protocol If the reader is different ...

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The Application of RFID Technology in the Inventory Management

Today's society, high productivity, product is extremely rich, science and technology in rapid development, however, the profits that enterprises get through increase productivity, abundant products, improving quality, using advanced technology are more and more limited. A typical RFID system generally consists of three parts: tags, RFID ...

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Different Types Of RFID Readers and Application

RFID reader has applications in many different industries. Of course, RFID reader have many different types. Shenzhen Clou IOT Technologies Co.,Ltd. as a professional efficient integrated reader manufacturer,will tell you different types Of RFID readers for all purposes. There is portable reader, fixed readers, mountable readers, like I s...

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