Implementation of 4-channel UHF RFID Reader Based on Impinj R2000

It is well known that UHF RFID, one of the key technologies of Internet of Things, is becoming the mainstream research of RFID applications. In a RFID system, reader plays an important role, however, RFID reader with only one channel often cannot satisfy the application requirements due to the complicated working environment.

Since the working environment of the RFID reader is becoming more and more complicated, multi-tag identification reliability of single channel RFID reader often cannot meet the requirements, in addition, it is also very inconvenient for single-channel RFID readers to compose large-scale application systems. Therefore, increasing the number of the antenna to design multi-channel RFID reader is very necessary.

Impinj Indy R2000 UHF Gen 2 RFID reader chip is a highly integrated, high-performance and low power SiGe BiCMOS device aims at challenging RFID application areas. The four-channel UHF RFID reader system designed in this study is mainly composed of four parts: microcontroller unit, RF unit, power unit and communication unit. The detailed hardware architecture is shown in picture below. Microcontroller unit controls all the other units and is responsible for communicating with the upper computer. RF unit is in charge of transmitting/receiving RF signals and it is the fore-end of the RFID reader. Power unit converts the external input DC 9V to various working levels that all other function modules need, while communication unit provides all sorts of interfaces for communicating, testing and debugging.

In the process of testing, 9dBi circularly polarized antenna is adopted to reduce the influence caused by the direction of the tags. When the transmit power is set to be 30dBm, the readable range for passive tags can reach 15m. Center working frequency measured by spectrum analyzer is 915.25MHz. Each of the four channels can work normally, and when multiple antennas are connected, the reader can achieve reading in a round-robin manner. According to the antenna placement, multi-channel RFID reader can achieve greater capacity in the respect of multi-tag identification or reading in multiple directions, thus improves both the reliability and effectiveness of the RFID reader. Moreover, it is also very convenient to composing large-scale application systems.

Split-Type 4 Ports Fixed RFID Reader

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