Intelligent Parking Management System Based on RFID

Along with the improvement of China's rapid economic development and people's living standards, private cars have been dramatically increasing which imposes a challenge of car parking in the crowded cities. On the other hand, the city transportation infrastructure is very limited due to limitation of space. Intelligent Parking is carried out by the improvements of the traditional parking lot and retains all the practical features. Use developing Internet of Things (IOT) to enter and park the vehicle, leave management, as well as facilitate the owners to find their vehicles.

Recently, radio frequency identification (RFID) has been a widely used in many applications. It enables the information reading conveniently. Other benefits include long-life and wide range access and capability of recycling and re-use for cost savings. When the vehicle enters or exits the parking lot, through the reader antenna and RF card vehicle for information exchange, radio frequency card information is transmitted to the database will be available on the PC, database search for relevant information by comparison and judgment RF card effectiveness and legitimacy, and the recording time of passing vehicles and other related information. The host computer determines whether the release of the vehicle according to the database of the data feedback.

The device comprises an inlet RFID reader system, electric fence, a geomagnetic sensor, and other self-help card issuers. Use the 89c51 chip to control various equipment operations. Long-term users have a dedicated IC card; users will get a temporary provisional IC card through self-help card issuers. The users will be verified the legitimacy by RFID reader to determine whether to open an electric fence.

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