Library Intelligent Management System Based on RFID

At present great majority library adopt work of mode bar code and magnetic stripe still, the procedure still want someone to open books and scan the bar code. With sharp add of reader amount, this work procedure seems cockamamier, and efficiency of borrowing and lending is also lower, farther bar code is easy to be damaged and it influences procedure of borrowing and lending, debase the degree of reader’s satisfaction.

Library uses technology of RFID, and if reader has a card, he can enter various reading room freely; Because books are adopted electric digital tag, reader may borrow and lend books automatic, especially powerful function of borrow many book once and returning the book all day save work load and waiting time of reader, and it provides more choice for libraries to make readers satisfactory. RFID can enhance work efficiency of book circulation and reservation management, and library administrators have more time to offer service for readers, and it give new chance for the development of library vocation.

Library intelligent management system based on RFID realizes organic connection RFIS technology and library management methods, which provides effective technique methods for the management of a library, and librarians are liberated from intricate daily works, and the system makes librarians manage the collections freely and efficiently. Library intelligent management system can operates as a independent library management system, and it can enter the network of collages to share the library and the collages, which reflects modernization and intelligence and inevitable choice of realizing modernization of teaching methods.

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