Logistics Warehousing RFID Solution

With the rapid growth of domestic e-commerce, consumer demand for service quality and delivery time are constantly increasing, and e-commerce vendors are facing enormous challenges. Warehousing plays an important role as a distribution center, and it is imperative to establish a central technology and terminal logistics distribution support system in order to improve efficiency.

When receiving goods, the warehouse employee can directly use the RFID handheld reader to scan the tags to receive the goods. The relevant data will be input to the storage equipment control system, which is used to perform the goods loading operation, and the inventory accuracy rate is greatly improved.

In the production packing section, an external Bluetooth printer using a handheld terminal generates batches of barcode labels for the boxes, so that each box has a unique label. When the goods enter the picking process, the conveyor line with fixed RFID reader will automatically identify the tags and liberate the warehouse staff's hands.

In the process of picking up goods, when the staff uses the RFID handheld terminal to scan the bar code on the goods packaging, the goods information is directly checked, checked and marked, and the accuracy and efficiency of the goods extraction are improved.

The logistics and warehousing RFID solution have brought significant improvements in warehousing and logistics, including warehousing information management, cargo extraction, logistics and distribution, and after-sales services, which will help companies improve their tracking of key operations. The ability of assets to better fulfill the commitment to perfect delivery of goods, calmly respond to challenges, make smarter, faster business decisions, and increase profitability.

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