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Compact Circularly Polarized Antenna for UHF RFID Handheld Reader

RFID is to paste tags on goods, animals, or people for the purpose of identification and tracking by electromagnetic waves. In recent years, RFID technology has developed rapidly and appeared in many applications, such as logistics transportation, traffic toll collection, asset tracking, employee attendance record, and so on. With the adv...

Tags : RFID handheld readers universal UHF RFID antenna UHF RFID reader antenna

RFID Technology for Unmanned Store

What is the hottest now, that unmanned retail stores must come to our mind. Since the end of last year, Amazon in the United States opened the first unmanned entity Amazon Go. And this year, series of Chinese retail giants like Alibaba, JingDong, Wa Haha, T-mall have set their own unmanned store to start the venture. Today let’s talk abou...

Tags : Metal Equipment Tags RFID tag reader Unmanned Store

IOT Core Technology RFID Used for More Vertical Areas

At the end of March 2017, RFID World Congress is held in China, RFID technology in the past decade has become one of the mature core technology, the cost of more Is a direct number of companies willing to import RFID technology, to carry out asset identification, data collection, which business model diversity and business opportunities, ...

Tags : Waterproof UHF RFID Tags Metal Equipment Tags Passive RFID Tags

RFID Middleware Design for Traceability of Supply Chain Management

RFID technology has been widely adopted for supply chain management purposes. Its inherent identification capabilities provide the opportunity to trace products from the producer to the retailer, offering insight to the various levels of the supply chain. As a result the supply chain has become more responsive to continuously changing con...

Tags : Long Distance RFID Reader Waterproof UHF RFID Tags portable integrated RFID reader

RFID Make Flexible Production Come True

With the increasing of global population, manufacturing industries seek for methods to increase the productivity to tally with the ever rising demand. Due to the busy life styles of modern society, people seek for much easier methods to fulfill their requirements. Therefore the online purchasing of items is available for a large variety o...

Tags : Long Distance RFID Reader portable handheld terminal Android Handheld Terminal

New Generation of Intelligent UHF RFID Reader

RFID has already become a part of our everyday life in the form of tickets, labels, access control and payments. A typical big store may require a lot of readers to cover point of sale, front/back room item movement, receiving dock doors, shelf replenishment management, and theft deterrence at entries, exits, and fitting rooms. Now, there...

Tags : Intelligent UHF RFID Reader UHF RFID reader fixed RFID reader

RFID Raspberry Pi Gateway Reader HL7206C9

As development of IOT( Internet of Thing), RFID technology is more and more common in various of industrial applications. Network on Ethernet, essential basic of IOT constructions, is very important part of RFID devices trend. RFID middleware has powerful functions that could manage 100+ RFID readers and antennas, and build bridge between...

Tags : Raspberry Pi RFID Reader smart RFID reader 4-ports RFID reader

RFID Localization System for Smart Home

The smart home paradigm is a promising new trend of research aiming to propose an alternative to postpone the institutionalization of cognitively-impaired silver-aged people. These habitats are intended to provide security, guidance and direct support services to its resident. To be able to fulfill this important mission, a smart home sys...

Tags : RFID localization Passive RFID Tags RFID reader

Cash Register Lines System Using UHF RFID

More and more retail chains today have the need for automated monitoring of the number of customers in cash register lines in real time. Previously developed systems have proved to be insufficiently effective because they involved additional and unpleasant interaction between customers and employees or monitoring in the way that threatens...

Tags : Passive RFID Tags RFID antennas and tags RFID Reader

RFID Based Production and Distribution Management System

With the rapid development of high technologies, home appliance production has changed its style from the technology-intensive industry into the labor-intensive industry. A bottle neck has been forming between the time-consuming material preparation processes and the rapid production paces. To solve these conflicts, RFID based application...

Tags : HF RFID tray tags handheld RFID readers RFID gates

Library Materials Management Using UHF RFID

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is the use of radio waves and electromagnetic fields to automatically read information stored on tags which are attached to objects for identification. A RFID system can be made up of three components: readers, tags and application software. Unlike barcodes, RFID tags can be embedded in the tracked ob...

Tags : Android mobile reader RFID reader module mobile RFID reader

UHF RFID Antenna Systems Customized for Robotic Applications

RFID technology is becoming popular also in robotics. Indeed, if passive tags are used as landmarks and the robot is equipped with a reader, RFID does naturally become a considerable and cost-effective support for mobile robot navigation and localization. At the state of the art, RFID-assisted navigation tests are performed by using comme...

Tags : Long Distance RFID Reader UHF RFID Antenna Long Range RFID Antenna

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