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Application Analysis of RFID Technology in Airport Management

With the rapid development of economic, the civil aviation industry has been an unprecedented development, the airport passenger and freight traffic continues to increase, people also require higher and higher quality of service for the airport. Many large-scale airports at home and abroad are also gradually using RFID technology to impro...

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RFID Workshop Staff Management Increase Efficiency 100%

The system is based on the actual needs of the factory, the use of RFID technology (radio frequency technology), image processing technology, network communications technology and digital processing technology and plant management combined with attendance management for plant personnel into the work area management achieve intelligent con...

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Application of RFID Technology in Library Management

RFID library smart book management using RFID technology and electronic tags as the information storage media and paste the electronic tag in books, with the basic information of the book and loan records. By using RFID reader devices such as intelligent librarians workstations, intelligent inventory vehicles, combined background database...

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Development and Application of RFID Technology in Security Identity

UHF RFID can simultaneously read both near-field and far-field RFID labels. Due to the diversity applications, an UHF RFID reader can more efficiently satisfy read requirements in many operating environments. For example, in large parking lots, such as small and medium-sized trucks, trucks, staff and visitor vehicles, etc., their security...

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Postal Uses RFID Technology to Track International Mail

DP is the largest mail service operator in Europe. The company has international mail, lightweight goods express delivery business, last year revenues of 1 billion euros. All DP's international courier services pass through the Frankfurt sorting center. Deutsche Post uses RFID technology to track international mail. RFID is not new to the...

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RFID Jewelry Management Solutions

Today, with rapid development and application of RFID technology, RFID jewelry information management is an important means to improve management efficiency, to strengthen the inventory management and sales management. This system is composed of RFID electronic tags, passive RFID tag reader, on-site inventory read-write devices, computers...

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RFID Technology to Promote Smart File Management Construction

As one of the key technologies of IoT applications, RFID technology has been widely used in many fields such as industrial automation, commercial automation, traffic control and management, the application of this technology in domestic file management is still in its infancy. Earlier this year, the State Archives passed the acceptance in...

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RFID Handheld Scanner for Mobile Asset Management

The use of handheld RFID reader writer in fixed assets management system can greatly improve the efficiency of enterprises, increase benefits and reduce costs in practical work, which helps enterprises to truly implement the principle of strict and economical management. Its easy-to-learn user interface and powerful system features stand ...

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RFID Mold Management Applications

With the development of domestic manufacturing and processing industries, the use of various molds is increasing day by day. Due to the large variety of molds, such as high quality, high volume, and so on, the existing artificial paper records and other methods have been unable to timely and effectively mold the assets management. In the ...

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RFID Vehicle Inventory Management System

Through the RFID tag uniqueness, give each car a unique ID, and then create a database, the name of each car, model, time and other information related to the corresponding ID number, stored in the database. Staffs in a car company can view or enter directly the vehicle's detailed information by RFID tag ID number in the company's permiss...

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RFID Production Line Management System Solutions

In the traditional manufacturing enterprises' production flow, most of the production modes are dominated by one-piece flow mode. The biggest disadvantage of this production line mode is that backlogging usually takes a large amount of semi-finished products in some bottleneck processes. If the process is complicated more production links...

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Research on RFID System Security Problem

Radio Frequency Identification RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a non-contact communication technology that uses radio frequency (RF) communication. By using this technology, it can automatically recognize the target object and read related data. However, with the widespread application of RFID technology, the information security...

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