Mobile Doctor and Nurse Station Management Solution

On the basis of the existing local area network of the hospital, the wireless network is added to increase the wireless mobile application of the information hospital, and the hardware platform for information transmission is established. The tools such as the wireless handheld terminal PDA and portable RFID reader are configured for the system application front end, and the mobile electronic medical record folder is established through the application server. Nursing systems, mobile infusion systems, mobile materials systems and mobile meal systems enable real-time application and information mobilization.

Mobile medical workstations solve traditional medical problems

On the basis of establishing a wireless network, a wristband based on two-dimensional barcode or RFID tag technology is issued to each patient at the time of admission, and a patient identity management module is established to provide identification of the patient's bedside management and the previous patient's previous visit information.

By making full use of the mobile portability of the handheld terminal, the four types of daily work of nurses are transplanted to the handheld terminal to improve the efficiency of medical care. By scanning the patient's wristband through the handheld RFID reader, it is possible to query various information of the patient, such as basic information inquiry, medical information inquiry, and fee inquiry.

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