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RFID Technology Work for European Flight Company

In the past year, aircraft manufacturers used RFID solutions to meet the needs of Airbus and Boeing. To meet requirement, Brady, an industrial and security printing technology company, has released the second generation of aviation RFID solutions to provide complete RFID printing and encoding solutions for UHF RFID system customers. As pa...

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Baby Care Medical System with RFID Technology

Does the medical industry need RFID technology? The answer is yes. The fact that newborn infants are often characterized by similarities and are indistinguishable and lack their own ability to understand and express themselves and, if not effectively identified, often cause misidentification to be replaced. For the newborn baby, RFID tag ...

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RFID Handheld Scanner in Property Management Applications

With the development of society and the constant construction of cities, various office buildings, commercial buildings and residential buildings have mushroomed and become the rulers of social development. However, the management, maintenance, repair problems always let the user complain a lot, or even frequently negative feedback. So ho...

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RFID Provide Ideal Solution for Logistics and Warehouse

The T-mall “Double Eleven” event just pasted last week, the logistics industry around China are facing the greatest challenge in this year. Billions of packages have to be delivered as fast as possible to the clients. There is no doubt that the RFID technology could well assist the delivery and highly increase efficiency. RFID tag with re...

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RFID and NFC Used in FIFA World Cup

In the early morning of November 10, the official ball of the 2018 World Cup in Russia was created with brand new technology. Called the "Telstar 18" (TV star), the football is printed on a gold-colored Russian World Cup Logo with a gradient mosaic pattern and a built-in NFC chip. Using many new technologies and innovative NFC chips, you ...

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Common Problems and Solutions for RFID Readers

According to our customers' feedback from years, the first time using RFID reader device, they often encounter some common problems. In fact, the solution is very simple, but many people have not used the device, do not know how to rule out the reason. Today let’s carefully finishing a few of the most common problems and the corresponding...

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Application of RFID Technology in Clothing Industry

RFID technology has been applied to many aspects of the apparel industry, achieving real-time tracking of goods throughout the supply chain, management for the number of commodities, sales and other information. Provide managers real, effective and timely management and decision support information, in order to reduce operating costs, imp...

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RFID Handheld Reader Application for Warehouse Management

Warehousing and logistics management has been widely used in various industries. With RFID management system, can improve the transparency and inventory turnover rate of supply chain management can be improved. The loss of out-of-stock can be effectively reduced, and the warehousing and logistics efficiency in the enterprise can be raised...

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Manhole Cover Smart Management Base on RFID

Manhole cover intelligent management system, integrated with radio frequency identification technology, sensing technology, geographic information technology, computer network technology and other related technologies. System functions: 1. Information Management: RFID card installed on the manhole cover can record the position of each man...

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Production Line Management Based on UHF RFID Technology

The application of RFID technology in production management helps manufacturers to monitor the operation of production line equipment components and manage the products in and out of warehouses, and manage the warehousing of distribution centers. Due to the non-visual reading of RFID technology and the multiple labels reading, multiple RF...

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RFID Room Automatic Guide System Program

RFID room automatic guidance system contains remote RFID reader at where it need to place the guide, when the person passing through the card is automatically identified at long-distance (the card can be put anywhere on the player). And system shows the cardholder the location of the room and the electronic map animation guide. The system...

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Differences Between RFID and Common Anti-fake Technology

The Internet of Things has been slowly penetrating into our daily life. The exchange of information between things and things and between people and things has been further reflected. One of its core technologies, RFID radio frequency technology, has gradually entered market. With the development of RFID technology and the decrease of the...

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