Modern Warehouse Management System Based on RFID Technology

The RFID warehouse management system is a platform based on RFID identification technology to identify, track and manage cargo information for cargo identification. The system combines advanced RFID identification technology with computer database management query to automatically identify cargo information. The application of this system can greatly save manpower and material resources, facilitate management, improve efficiency and accuracy, and facilitate data statistics.

The use of RFID logistics management system, the implementation of the whole process of all aspects of storage control and management, and the goods on the number, size, date, stored warehouse number, warehouse area number, etc. to achieve RFID electronic label management, the entire receipt, delivery , and other aspects of the standardization of operations, RFID technology, the introduction of warehousing and logistics management, remove the manual writing input steps, solve the obsolete warehouse information phenomenon. The combination of RFID technology and information technology helps companies to use the warehouse space reasonably and effectively, and provide customers with the best service in a fast, accurate and low-cost manner.

The modern warehouse management system based on RFID automatic identification technology can effectively manage the warehouse process and space, realize batch management, quick access to warehouses and dynamic inventory, and help warehouse managers to store, withdraw, move, and store inventory items. Inventory and material-finding operations are fully controlled and managed, effectively utilizing warehouse storage space, improving storage capacity of warehouses, ultimately improving the utilization of warehouse storage space, reducing inventory costs, and enhancing market competitiveness.

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