New Generation of Intelligent UHF RFID Reader

RFID has already become a part of our everyday life in the form of tickets, labels, access control and payments. A typical big store may require a lot of readers to cover point of sale, front/back room item movement, receiving dock doors, shelf replenishment management, and theft deterrence at entries, exits, and fitting rooms. Now, there are two typical types of readers available in the market, one is designed by reader chipset. Another type is the discrete components reader from the key reader players.

“Chipset” readers are built for low cost using a single chip RFID transceivers. The major reader chipset are Impinj R2000, AMS AS3990 and so on. The advantages of using chipset reader IC is easy to design, low cost, smaller size, shorter reader development time.

Here we present a fixed UHF RFID reader which is compact in size, high performance and broadband width. It can cover most of the UHF RFID frequencies in the world. This device support ISO 18000-6C standards and EPCglobal class 1Gen 2 protocol. The features of Power over Ethernet (PoE) and wireless connectivity can increase application and deployment flexibility as well as low power consumption. Quad-core CPU design, built-in embedded Linux operation system, both to deal with complex customer business requirement, but also fast response on the label for various operating a multi-tag read performance.

The reader supports full operating system such as Linux and Win 10 IOT core. The expansion capabilities via USB, RJ45, RS485, RS232 etc. It makes a lot of RFID system much more simple and reliable. They don’t need to worry about the network connectivity issue or losing of data due to the network problem. And, it provides a platform for high speed computational ability and data retention, which makes ranging, localization, motion detection and other applications becoming simple and possible.

Raspberry Pi Gateway UHF RFID Reader

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