New RFID Solutions Open up More Application Markets

With advances in materials technology, RFID tags are becoming smaller and smaller, and can even be washed without damage, making RFID applications more widely available. Hopeland has developed a number of unique RFID tags, RFID UHF readers and software that can help solve problems or increase the efficiency of customer operations. Applications include retail, medical and healthcare, smart factories, laundries and entertainment.

Retail is the primary application area for RFID solutions, and Hopeland's RFID tags are small, helping to prevent counterfeit goods by embedding RFID tags in luxury branded products or jewelry to verify the source of the product.

Hopeland also introduced a smart factory RFID solution for Industry 4.0 that connects things in the plant (products, production equipment, etc.) to the Internet of Things (IoT) to increase industry efficiency and innovate. In addition, RFID can also be used in the production process. When a worker holds an IC card with a built-in RFID tag, the work instructions for the worker are automatically displayed on the screen.

In the toy industry, RFID also has a very interesting application, embedding RFID tags in cards or character dolls and then interacting with smartphone apps, arcade games or home video game consoles.

In addition, you can also install the RFID tag on the mini car and install the reader on the race track. When the mini car passes the position of the fixed RFID reader, you can perform various sound and light actions, and you can accurately measure the mini car from The time from the start to the end, and time competition with other netizens through the Internet.

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