PDA for Product Error Proofing Traceability Solutions

It mainly includes three parts: basic data management, error prevention management and traceability management. The overall goal is to establish a comprehensive, integrated, advanced, and stable quality error prevention system, monitor key component assembly, and prevent artifacts from causing process leakage. It can standardize the product operation process and strictly requires the operation according to the product process. It solves the problems of lack of assembly operation guidance, error timely correction, serious error and timely termination in the production assembly process, real-time monitoring, timely response, and immediate solution.

The error-proof tracing system needs to adopt a unified information means to install the one-dimensional/two-dimensional bar code, RFID and other information records on the assembly line, and through the real-time scanning and comparison of the PDA handheld terminal, whether the assembly meets the requirements through the integrated machine or the touch screen. And send real-time data from the assembly process to the system logging server.

The key information is collected and associated with the door panel information, and a unified key piece barcode rule is established. The key piece barcode can be traced through the RFID handheld reader to know which supplier, production date, production batch and the like. This is convenient for batch management and post-quality traceability. All key pieces of information related to it can be traced through any bar code information in the key component.

Long Range Android RFID Handheld Reader Terminal

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