PDA Handheld Terminal for Clothing Store Application

With the development of RFID technology, many companies are now focusing on RFID technology solutions. Thanks to the RFID technology's ability to identify multiple tags at the same time in a non-contact, non-visual environment, a full range of tens of items with electronic tag-attached apparel can be read by the UHF RFID reader once and for all. , greatly improved the efficiency of logistics.

The benefits of RFID technology in clothing logistics are reflected in logistics management efficiency, logistics cost, and delivery control. The application of RFID technology realizes the standardization of garment logistics operations, shortens the operation process and operating time, and reduces labor costs, thereby reducing operating costs, increasing the throughput of logistics links, increasing the transparency of supply chain management, and improving the efficiency of logistics management. At the same time, the use of RFID solution can minimize the delivery error rate. The delivery error mainly refers to the shortage of the original box and the packaging box error.

When garments are processed from the factory for storage, the staff put the goods on a forklift and send it to the back-end warehouse. If conditions permit, a reader and RFID antenna can be installed on each forklift to identify RFID tag data. When the forklift takes the goods to the warehouse, it is read by the reader at the warehouse door and sends the tag information to the warehouse. Management system to record the details of goods receipt.

The manufacturer's label is affixed to the clothing item to be sent and verified before delivery, after which an early shipping notice is issued to the retailer. After the packaged garment arrives at the distribution center, it will be placed on the conveyor belt. During the transfer process, these labeled packaged garments will be read by the fixed RFID reader. The data after reading will be transmitted to the system. The software will confirm the ID information. Inaccurate or lost system will issue a warning reminding staff to check the garments in the box.

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