Personnel Attendance Management Plan Based on UHF RFID Technology

The attendance of personnel at construction sites has certain special characteristics: first, the flow of people is large; second, the cultural level of most workers is low; third, the frequency of changes in staff is relatively fast. Therefore, there is a special requirement for the attendance system of the entrance and exit of the construction site: first, the large capacity, by the operation, and finally the system update procedure should be simple and quick.

UHF RFID readers are installed in the entrance and exit of the construction site at the construction site. Stickers of self-adhesive RFID passive electronic tags are attached to the helmets of the construction workers, and the check-in or sign-off is automatically completed when the helmets enter and exit the passage.

In this system, workers entering and leaving the site must wear helmets. Therefore, the helmet can be used as a medium in the system. By binding the electronic tag with the worker's identity information to the helmet, the worker wears the helmet in and out. With the access control channel of the RFID reader system, the identification of the attendance personnel can be completed.

The RFID identification device is installed at the gate of the construction site, and when the worker wearing the helmet passes, the identity of the attendance person is recognized by identifying the electronic tag bound on the helmet. The management personnel inside the construction site hold the RFID handheld scanner, and the mobile terminal management software is installed on the mobile terminal to perform personnel verification and inspection on the on-the-job employees.

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