Postal Uses RFID Technology to Track International Mail

DP is the largest mail service operator in Europe. The company has international mail, lightweight goods express delivery business, last year revenues of 1 billion euros. All DP's international courier services pass through the Frankfurt sorting center. Deutsche Post uses RFID technology to track international mail.

RFID is not new to the postal industry. Like other IPC members, DP installed UHF RFID readers at key facilities to make it easier to monitor the quality of international mail services. In addition, DP installed an passive RFID tag reader at the International Mail Terminal to monitor and improve processes.

DP at Frankfurt's International Hub Lyngsoe Systems RFID Reader with UHF RFID Antenna for Reading small part IDs passing through this sorting system. DP provides two different RFID tags: N044044B1U, built-in Impinj Monza 4E chip; AZ9662, built-in Alien Technology Higgs 3 chip.

Cross-country tracking of envelopes is more difficult than that of large cartons. Envelopes are usually smaller and therefore more difficult to scan on the envelope. According to Pandikow, there is no international standard for the 2D code system at the current location. As a result, postal operators typically use manual methods to receive international mail, sometimes re-affixing labels in the country of destination. DP said that the number of small pieces of growth is very fast, which also makes automatic tracking system becomes more and more important.


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