Power Inspection System Solution with RFID

Power equipment inspection system is a basic work to effectively ensure the safety of power equipment, improve the reliability of power equipment, and ensure the minimum failure rate of power equipment. At present, domestically adopted methods of manual patrols and manual paper media recording have many defects such as many human factors, high management costs, inability to supervise the work of patrolling officers, and low degree of informatization of inspection clerk.

RFID power inspection program to introduce the current advanced RFID radio frequency identification technology + GPS (satellite positioning system) + CDMA/GPRS technology. During inspections, the inspector automatically sends a message to the center via the RFID hand scanner (every 2 minutes, interval can be set) to report information such as the position and time of the current inspector. If a fault is found, the type of failure, device number, through handheld RFID reader the information are sent to the monitoring center.

The monitoring terminal uses the RFID system to display the inspection status on the software in real time, such as displaying the fault points found by various inspection personnel, the emergency status of various types of faults, the processing status, the current status, and the position of each inspection personnel at a certain time.

The tower is affixed with an RFID tag. Through the globally unique identifier, the patrolling personnel must personally go to the site to obtain the RFID identification code, thereby restraining the staff from actually checking in place. At the same time, firstly, the latitude and longitude data of each base tower of all the lines that need to be patrolled are input into the server and the handset. During the inspection process, the lineman locates the latitude and longitude of the towers to be inspected through the GPS global positioning system.

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