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RFID Technology Makes Parking Easier

RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) technology has been widely used in warehouse logistics, retail management, asset management, production&processing etc. But recently, ITS(Intelligent Traffic System)develops into one of the most popular application area for its huge market capacity and the relevance of national conditions. Furtherm...

Tags : RFID technology Intelligent RFID Parking System high-performance UHF RFID Readers

Automatic Parking Using UHF RFID Technology

UHF RFID is a technology for wireless data transmission which operates on frequencies in the UHF domain (ranging from 400MHz to 950MHz). By introducing UHF RFID technology, vehicle identification can be performed at distances of more than 10m. The line of sight between identifier and reader is not required. Large number of RF identifiers ...

Tags : UHF RFID reader integrated UHF RFID reader UHF RFID technology

Make UHF RFID Tags for Bottle label

There is an ever growing interest in RFID technology given its ability to associate with remote sensors. The market of the spirituous beverages, particularly the most expensive ones are a target for the application of RFID tech. The low cost associated to the RFID tags create an opportunity to embed intelligence into the bottles without i...

Tags : portable integrated RFID reader Passive RFID Tags RFID technology

RFID Wardrobe - Smart Wardrobe New Application

The startup company ThreadRobe, located in Virginia, plans to automate the way people store and manage their clothes. Its new automated wardrobe - combined with passive ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID technology, and a mobile app. With this RFID wardrobe, users can store clean clothes in a box and then identify each piece of clothing via ...

Tags : RFID antenna UHF RFID readers RFID technology

RFID Clothing Production Line Application

The clothing industry also has its own special industry characteristics, namely: product style, color, size and other characteristics determine the number of clothing with geometric growth trend, the sales system covers direct, wholesale, franchise and other industries. The apparel industry is limited by its own and industry's shortcoming...

Tags : RFID technology solutions industrial RFID reader Ethernet RFID reader

What is the Difference Between HF and UHF RFID Technology

From the perspective of technological development, high-frequency technology is relatively mature than UHF technology. Through continuous improvement and improvement, a learning curve model for high-frequency tag production, data protocol sharing, and the basis for constructing RFID applications has also been established. Both high freque...

Tags : RFID reader UHF RFID technology

RFID Cash Box Management

The bank belongs to the state's key security and prevention units, and has the characteristics of various scales, numerous important facilities, complicated personnel, and a wide range of management areas. As the main circulation place of today's social currency and an important part of the national economic operation, the bank's business...

Tags : cash box management system RFID technology system RFID technology

RFID technology empowers auto parts management

China has also become the world's largest car consumer. The car recall incidents that have occurred many times in recent years show that the existing auto parts management methods can no longer meet the needs of the development of the industry. Traditionally, the auto parts management method is relatively simple, the inventory cost is hig...

Tags : RFID technology RFID system Long-distance reading

Application of RFID Handheld Reader CL702K in Warehouse Inventory and Inspection

In the current rapid development of digitalization, how to use intelligent means to improve inventory management efficiency and reduce operating costs is of vital importance to enterprises. Traditionally, inventory management usually uses barcode labels, manual inventory, etc., but barcodes are easy to copy and not moisture-proof, and the...

Tags : RFID Handheld Reader warehouse management system RFID technology

What applications of Internet of Things technology such as RFID are in intelligent transportation?

Intelligent transportation is the development direction of the future transportation system. It is an effective integration of advanced information technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, control technology and computer technology. It is applied to the entire ground traffic management system....

Tags : RFID middleware long range uhf rfid reader RFID technology

Livestock electronic ear tag management system

The electronic ear tag is an electronic tool that can store and read information. It is a bridge between the data processing system and the individual animal. It is an electronic ID card that can be recognized by animals. People can use a dedicated reader for each An individual animal is identified. In this way, for example, animal identi...

Tags : radio frequency identification RFID RFID technology for animal management

RFID Technology Solves the Problem of Fixed Asset Inventory

The three major problems facing fixed asset management, long inventory cycle, scattered assets, inconsistent accounts and asset numbers, etc. An UHF RFID system consists of three main parts, the control system, responsible for the issuance of all control commands, the operation of the business and the final data acquisition, analysis and ...

Tags : UHF RFID system UHF RFID Reader RFID technology

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