Reduce Idle Time for Automotive Engines Based on RFID Technology

Given the current trend in oil prices and the co-promotion of carbon neutrality, organizations are under increasing pressure to adopt different technology solutions to improve the efficiency of mobile device management.

An important area for using technology solutions to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions is mobile device management. More advanced mobile device management solutions include GPS navigation, wireless communication technology and Internet access, as well as telemetry sensors (wireless or wired), vehicle RFID readers and communication devices. The information gathered using these technologies facilitates online interaction with fleets, workflow automation, and real-time cost analysis of critical business decisions.

The passive RFID reader tracks the driver's location and activity data by identifying the ID and obtains information about the goods via RFID tags on the tray or item. The data is first transmitted to an onboard computer and then transmitted to the data center of the monitoring system via mobile communication technology.

With the RFID mobile scanner management system, drivers and operators can get the latest information and standards in fuel-saving and emission-reducing technologies (for example, keeping tires inflated, speed-limiting driving, limiting vehicle overweight, etc.). Many RFID mobile device management systems are currently able to customize the driver scoring system, taking into account many of the criteria listed above.

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