Research on Smart Library Based on UHF RFID

The application of RFID in the library has been more than ten years. Many scholars and library staff have studied and practiced the application of RFID in libraries from various angles. With the development of information technology, RFID technology has been widely used in all walks of life.

Book inventory is an important part of the library to organize books. The administrator can use the intelligent book inventory cart or the handheld terminal to scan on the bookshelf, and the inventory equipment will automatically prompt this error when it encounters the phenomenon that it should not be in the shelf when scanning. Help the staff to correct the books.

In addition to associating books with bookshelves using inventory carts or UHF RFID scanner when books are on the shelves, we can also use smart bookshelfs to achieve real-time location of books. Each smart bookshelf has a plurality of UHF RFID antennas. Every designated time, the antenna on the bookshelf scans the books in the entire bookshelf, and the scan can obtain all the information of the books currently on the bookshelf.

It is very important to provide location-based services in an intelligent library. Books that are to be put on the shelves are scanned by an RFID reader on a cart and placed on a cart. Then the system will find an optimal order based on the location of all the books on the cart, and draw an optimal path on the map and display it on the display.

There are more and more libraries using RFID technology. Whether they choose high-frequency RFID or UHF RFID technology, these libraries have encountered various shortcomings or abuses in the process of using RFID to build smart libraries.

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