RFID and NFC Used in FIFA World Cup

In the early morning of November 10, the official ball of the 2018 World Cup in Russia was created with brand new technology. Called the "Telstar 18" (TV star), the football is printed on a gold-colored Russian World Cup Logo with a gradient mosaic pattern and a built-in NFC chip. Using many new technologies and innovative NFC chips, you can transfer data with your smart phone. Each ball generates a unique identifier that allows the user to unlock exclusive data messages. So what is NFC and what is the difference between RFID and RF technology?

RFID is a contactless identification technology, divided into two kinds, active and passive. The main working principle is that the RFID tag reader emits radio frequency signals through the coil of the electronic tag, and the reader reads and decodes the information to complete the entire identification process.

It automatically identifies the target object through radio frequency signals and obtains the relevant data. The identification work needs no human intervention and can work in various harsh environments. Long range RFID technology can identify high-speed moving objects and can simultaneously identify multiple labels, and the operation is quick and easy.

In recent years, NFC is a technology applied more on mobile phones, the mainly functions between two NFC devices is mutually interacts information and completes corresponding transactions when they are at a relatively close distance. NFC's biggest feature is the integration of readers and transponders in the same chip. It meets and simplifies information exchange, content access, service exchange between any two wireless devices.

The relationship between the two is that NFC can be considered as a subset of RFID, that is, RFID whose communication distance is within 10 cm or 4 inch is NFC. RFID can send and receive information within a few meters of distance while NFC allows only a safe distance of 10 cm; RFID has a wide range of applications, while NFC is only used when safety is needed.

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