RFID Anti-counterfeiting Application

RFID technology can effectively solve the increasingly rampant product anti-counterfeiting phenomenon. In RFID anti-counterfeiting applications, clothing is commonly used for anti-counterfeiting. Apparel manufacturers put their own unique RFID tags and clothing in a carton, each with its own unique ID code.

Apparel manufacturers put their own multiple RFID read and write tags in the carton at the same time, each carton has its own unique ID code. When the production is completed to the delivery process, each carton passes through an RFID tag reader, and all carton information is read and transmitted to the computer.

The manufacturer can also write corresponding information to other data blocks of the tag through the handheld RFID reader during the QA check and other stages. In this way, the entire transportation process from the production to the distribution center to the retail can be recorded.

One of the main advantages of RFID technology for manufacturers is that they can be integrated directly into existing products, machines or equipment without major changes to current production equipment. The RFID tag itself has read and write capabilities, can be written to the manufacturer's unique encrypted code, and easily integrated into a variety of goods.

An important factor in the ability of RFID systems to be used in business is that the same type of label can be applied to different products, as this can lead to an increase in the scale of production of the label, which ultimately reduces the price of the label to an acceptable level. For some valuable items, however, the size of the label is far more important than the price of the label.

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