RFID-based Animal Tracking Management System

The RFID-based animal identification and tracking management system consists of three parts: RFID radio frequency card, RFID reader writer and computer network. The reader is generally used as a computer terminal to implement data reading and writing and storage of the RFID radio frequency card. It is composed of a control unit, a high frequency communication module and an antenna.

When a pig with a "ear stud" (RFID card) enters the RF field of the reader, the induced current obtained by UHF RFID antenna is boosted by the booster circuit and used as the power source of the chip, and the induced current with information is passed through the RF. The front-end circuit detects that the digital signal is sent to the logic control circuit for information processing; the information required to be recovered is retrieved from the memory and sent back to the RF front-end circuit via the logic control circuit, and finally sent back to the reader through the antenna.

At present, the basic methods for installing electronic labels for animals are collar type, ear tag (nail) type, injection type and pill type electronic label, and various labels have their own characteristics and application range. The cost of the collar label is too high, and the injected label and the pill label are not suitable for the pig, so the system uses a "stud" type electronic label. Stud-type electronic tags not only store more data, but also resist dirt and rain.

There are two types of RFID tag readers used in this system: one is a fixed reader; the other is a hand-held reader, see Figure 2. The main difference between the fixed RFID reader and the handheld reader is that the handheld reader can input the information to the system software platform through the USB interface or COM port of the PC after reading a large amount of RFID tag information. in. The fixed reader is transmitted to the software platform in real time after reading the RFID tag information, and is not stored in the reader.

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