RFID-based Clothing Industry Picking System Solution

With the rapid growth of corporate brands and the rapidly changing market, the original factory packaging and logistics links are clearly unable to keep up with the pace of enterprise development.

Comparing the current multi-packing schemes, in order to meet the above-mentioned packing requirements, the best is the picking and packing system solution using UHF RFID solution. In addition to RFID tags, bar codes are one of the most used identification technologies. The advantage of bar code technology is that the price is relatively cheap, but it does not have the ability to be recognized by long distance and multi-target at the same time. In addition, it cannot identify product items and can only identify product categories.

On the contrary, RFID tags have the advantages of small size, large capacity, long life, reusable, fast reading and writing, non-visual recognition, mobile recognition, multi-target recognition, etc. The ID code is unique in the world and thus becomes automatic. An emerging force in the field of identification is a leader in the field of automatic identification for the foreseeable future.

Inventory management is a very important part of the apparel industry. Establishing a rapid response QR inventory management system is the key to achieving fast replenishment.

The inventory management of finished goods of garment enterprises mainly includes the identification and positioning of finished products, packaging, stacking, storage and storage, and inventory. After the finished product is offline, it is uniquely identified by UHF RFID reader, and information is collected on the nodes such as packing, loading position and upper tray, so as to realize the effective and accurate positioning of the finished products in the inventory management, realizing the real-time dynamic inventory of the finished products, and establishing Quickly respond to QR's inventory management system and eliminate possible barriers to inventory management.

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