RFID-based Identity Recognition System

The personal multi-modal biometrics recognition system mainly collects fingerprints, facial images and DNA, and text information into the microprocessor through computer terminals, and then integrates the information into the background and records the individual biometric information database management system through the network. And can be related to other military information about military information, political information, medical care, clothing, wages, housing and other supply relationship information.

At the same time, a unique ID serial number is generated and written into the RFID card by the RFID reader and its biometric auxiliary information. Then, only the RFID reader writer is used to read the ID and the biometric auxiliary information, and after inputting into the computer terminal, the matching query is performed in the individual biometric information database via the wireless communication network or the local area network.

The computer terminal can be applied with a microcomputer based on the operating system, and the Linux RFID reader is internally configured, and the extended interface is connected to the biometric collector. In addition to the DNA, other features can be collected and read and written in real time. The information in the RFID card needs to be encrypted while being written. Finally, an individual biometric information database is established.

RFI D radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology that automatically identifies target objects and acquires relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work requires no human intervention. Compared with traditional barcodes, it has non-contact, rewritable, fast scanning, good penetrability, high security, large data storage capacity, waterproof, anti-magnetic, high temperature resistance, long service life and large reading distance. It can adapt to the complex environmental requirements of modern high-tech local warfare.

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