RFID-based Logistics Information Management System Solution

The logistics management system covers various aspects such as container management, transportation and transportation, warehouse management, yard management, and ticket management, and is also related to radio frequency identification (RFID), geographic information system (GIS), global positioning system (GPS), and electronic measurement. The effective combination of advanced technologies such as control is the leading position in the field of logistics automation management in the domestic chemical industry.

In the field of yard business processes, the RFID deployment scheme combines the advantages of both fixed RFID reader and handheld scanner technology models. The data exchange process between the RFID subsystem and the back-end “visual logistics transportation management system (VLTMS)” is illustrated by the actual container transportation business process.

The shift management of containers in yards is an important part of the realization of “container visualization” management. The modern yard where RFID reader systems are deployed can accurately locate the location of each container equipped with electronic tags, thereby greatly improving the working efficiency of the yard, reducing the work intensity of personnel, and improving the turnover rate of containers.

Container weighing management includes: checking the weight of goods before unloading; verifying the weight of shipments before shipment; and in the modern yard where RFID systems are deployed, including reading, clearing of new data, writing of new data, and damage labels replacement.

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