RFID-based Management System for Cloth Supply Chain

“200 Million RFID tags will be used on apparel in 2009 rising to 833 Million in 2012” The new ID TechEx report "Apparel RFID 2009-2019" is unique in comprehensively analyzing the use of RFID in the apparel value chain from tagging cloth in manufacture to retail fashion and rented apparel.

We integrate RFID and Smart-shelf enabled Service (SES) techniques for shop display construction of fashion industry. The system is consisted of four modules: factory, warehouse, shop display.

In the warehouse module, RFID tags are printed on the spot and affixed to each and every incoming shipment at the case. After tagging, the cases move past the doors gates where the passive RFID readers and long range RFID antennas capture the raw information on the RFID tags and automatically transmit the data via a wired connection to the server. When shipments leave the warehouse, the UHF RFID readers and antennas capture the RFID information on the RFID tags, which is transmitted instantly to the server.

Encoder operation system is mainly module with RFID readers integrated into the barcode system so that RFID scanner product barcode can simultaneously financing the barcode information plus the water flow number into RFID tag. Moreover, the industry currently can use only code tag (Unique ID) to integrate barcode operation system and RFID tags in the database synchronization. When the RFID tag has been integrated barcode productions, the encoder system can provide the product name, manufacturing and sales information.

In the shop display module, the RFID will primary integrates display rack and Kiosk interactive system. In the display rack, we will implement RFID tags with each product. “Intelligent Clothes Racks” were equipped with an RFID antenna. Each time a customer or employee removed a fashion item equipped with an RFID reader writer from the rack, the movement was automatically entered into the merchandise management system.

Tags : passive RFID readers long range RFID antennas UHF RFID readers

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