RFID Based Smart Retail Security System

In recent years, with rapid development of wireless sensor networks and smart objects such as smart phones, tablets and other devices are extensively used to build heterogeneous network, Breakthroughs have been made in Internet of Things (IoT) with variety of applications such as environmental monitoring, medical treatment and public health care, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), Smart perimeter control, smart grid and other areas.

The passive RFID tags attached to the items offer multiple benefits over the bar code for both the retailers and consumers. The retailers will have unique and unified item identification from the manufacturing plant to consumer. They may also help the consumers to shop the items in a smart shop which has cart enabled with RFID readers which tabulates the items and allows the consumer to check out the products by paying online at the cash counter, which avoids long check outs. RFID technologies in shops and retails help to configure shelves to intelligently issue a refill order automatically to back end storage as items are sold, which offers precise delivery of items from the wholesaler directly to the shelf. Smart phone apps provide facilities for consumer to transmit the list of items to be purchased to the shop, when the customer reaches the shop he may find readymade shopping bag packed with items he needed from the shop or retailer. With this ability customer can directly make payment online and inventory of belongings may be stored in the mobile phone making insurance claims easier and facilitating the private sales of goods since a centralized registry of things will no longer be needed.

RFID Retail

RFID based systems are well suited for various applicationssuch as logistics and retail, smart transportation, banking, health care applications. The use of RFID in retail and supply chain has grown to a larger extent where items produced by manufacturer are tagged with unique EPC code and delivered to the retailers. Present scenario of RFID based supply chain management helps in product tracking and timely delivery of products.

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